Canada Startup visa permanent resident

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Canada Startup visa permanent resident

How can I qualify for the Start-up Visa Program

To qualify for the Start-up Visa Program, you must meet all 4 eligibility requirements, as well as the admissibility requirements to enter Canada.

Eligibility requirements for the Start-up Visa Program
You must:
  • have a qualifying business
  • have a letter of support from a designated organization
  • meet the language requirements, and
  • have enough money to settle and live in Canada before you make money from your business

About the Canada’s Start-up Visav process

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada that 
  • are innovative
  • can create jobs for Canadians
  • can compete on a global scale
Do you have an innovative business idea? If you can get support for your idea from one of the designated organizations, you may be able to immigrate to Canada.

Want to live in Quebec?
The Province of Quebec is in charge of its own business immigration program. If you plan to live in Quebec, visit Quebec’s immigration website.

Who can apply
To be eligible for the Start-up Visa Program, you must:
  • have a qualifying business
  • get a letter of support from a designated organization
  • meet the language requirements
  • bring enough money to settle
  • Have a qualifying business
A qualifying business means you created a business that meets the following conditions

At the time you get a commitment from a designated organization
each applicant holds 10% or more of the voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time (up to 5 people can apply as owners)


applicants and the designated organization jointly hold more than 50% of the total voting rights attached to all shares of the corporation outstanding at that time
At the time you receive your permanent residence:
you provide active and ongoing management of this business from within Canada
an essential part of the operations of the business happens in Canada
this business is incorporated in Canada
Get a letter of support from a designated organization
You must get a letter of support from a designated organization (a business group that has been approved to invest in or support possible start-ups).

You’ll need to:

contact the designated organization to find out how to get its support
convince the organization that you have a business idea that is worth supporting
get a letter of support from the designated organization
The process to pitch your idea is different for each organization. Each organization has its own requirements. For example, you may be asked to present your business concept in person or submit a detailed business plan.

If you reach an agreement with a designated organization, it will send you a letter of support. You need to include this letter when you submit your application to us. This is the proof you need to show that the venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator is supporting your business idea.

The organization will also send a commitment certificate directly to us. We’ll use both your letter of support and the organization's commitment certificate to assess your application. Please note, we may ask you for more business information in order to take a final decision on your application.

If you don’t include the letter of support or meet any of the other requirements, we’ll refuse your application.

Did you know?
While your application for permanent residence is being processed, you can apply for a temporary work permit to get to Canada and start building your business. See work permits for start-up visa applicants.

Meet the language requirements
The ability to communicate and work in English, French or both languages will help your business succeed in Canada.

You must take a language test from an approved agency and include the results with your application, or we won’t process it.
You must meet the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French in all of these four areas:

Use your test results to find your CLB level.

If you don’t meet the minimum language skills, we’ll refuse your application.

Bring enough money to settle
The Government of Canada does not give financial support to new start-up visa immigrants.

When you apply, you’ll need to give proof that you have the money to support yourself and your dependants after you arrive in Canada. You can’t borrow this money from another person.

The amount you need depends on the size of your family. We update these amounts every year.

You must include all the forms, supporting documents, signatures (if required), language test results and the proof of payment of the processing fees. If any are missing, your application will be incomplete. We’ll send it back to you without processing it.

All of your answers must be complete and true. If we find that you gave us false information or left out important details:

your application could be refused
you could be found inadmissible and
you could be barred for five years from applying to come to Canada for any reason
You must fill out these digital forms online
You’ll fill out these digital forms online (for yourself, and any family members 18 or older)

If you’re a representative, find out how you can create an account and submit applications on behalf of your clients.

If you want to appoint someone to do business with us on your behalf, you must

sign it digitally or by hand and get your immigration representative to do so also
upload it with your application
An immigration representative (an immigration consultant or lawyer) can give you advice and help you with your application for a fee. But they can’t

open a portal account on your behalf
electronically sign the application for you
sign into the portal using your username and password
A representative can fill out forms and communicate with us on your behalf through their own account. They can also

help you prepare the documents you need to upload
answer questions about the forms
After you read the declaration, you must be the one who types your name. This is the legal requirement for your application to be considered “signed,” according to Canada’s immigration law.

If you want to allow us to release information from your application to someone other than yourself who will not act as your representative you must

submit an Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual
complete the form and sign it (digitally or by hand)
get your designated individual to sign it as well
upload it with your application
Photo specifications
You need one photo for each person on your application.

Follow the instructions in the online application to scan and upload both sides of your photo.

Technical issues
If you’re having technical issues applying, contact us using the web form

under type of application/enquiry, choose technical difficulties from the drop-down menu
in the text box, specify the program you’re applying under
upload screenshots from your account that show us
the page where you’re having problems
the error message(s) you get
If you need to upload a number of images, find out how to combine them into 1 document.

Pay your application fees
In most cases, your fees will include:

processing fees for you and anyone you include on your application
the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)
third-party fees
You have to pay your fees online (force opens in new tab).

Biometrics fee
In most cases, you must pay a biometrics fee when you submit your application. Otherwise, you may experience delays. The biometrics fee covers the cost of collecting fingerprints and a digital photo.

After you pay the biometrics fee with a complete application, we’ll send you a letter confirming that you need to give your biometrics and where you can go. You must show this letter when you give your biometrics.

You must give your biometrics in person. Make sure to book an appointment if this service is offered. Find a collection point close to you.

Temporary changes to biometrics
Book your biometric appointment as soon as you can to avoid processing delays.

If you can’t book an appointment by the deadline on your biometric instruction letter, there may be measures in place to help you.

Measures for Ukrainian nationals and their family members
Measures for other applicants affected by the situation in Europe
COVID-19 measures
Third-party fees
Depending on your situation, you may need to pay third parties for:
  1. medical exams
  2. police certificates
  3. language testing
The instruction guide can help you understand which fees apply to you.

Submit your online application
If there are multiple people applying for permanent residence (PR) as partners in a qualifying business, we won’t process any applications until all have been received.

Each business partner must submit their own application.

If a team member will no longer be submitting a permanent residence application you must use the web form to tell us as soon as possible.

Before you submit your application, make sure you:

answer all questions
electronically sign your application (type your full name exactly as shown on your passport)
include your processing fee receipt
upload all the supporting documents
If your application is incomplete, we’ll reject it. You’ll have to fix any errors and then re-submit it.

Get your fingerprints and photo taken
If you’re between 14 and 79 years old, you need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) for every application for permanent residence you submit to us. Even if you gave your biometrics in the past and they’re still valid.

You must pay the biometrics fee when you submit your application. Otherwise you may experience delays.
Get this done as soon as you get the letter from us that tells you to give biometrics.
You have 30 days to do this from the date on the letter.

ow we assess your start-up visa application
After you apply, we’ll verify that you have:

filled out your application forms correctly and signed them
paid your processing fees and
included all required documents
If you forget something, your application won’t be processed and will be sent back to you.

Processing time 
 31 months

You may need to give biometrics with your application. This processing time includes the time you need to give your biometrics.

Processing times
You may be able to avoid delays by:

telling the visa office about any changes to your personal information, such as your address, telephone number or email, or the birth of a child and
not contacting the visa office more than once about the same issue
Your application will be delayed if:

there are criminal or security problems or we need to do more background checks
your family situation is not clear—reasons could include a divorce or an adoption that is not yet complete or child custody issues that have not been resolved or
the visa office has to contact other visa offices in Canada or abroad to verify the data you gave
You can check the status of your application after the visa office has started processing it.

Medical exams
You must have a medical exam before you come to Canada. Your family members must also have one, even if they aren’t coming with you.

We won’t accept your application if your health:

is a danger to Canada’s public health or safety or
would cause too great a demand on health or social services in Canada
We’ll send you a letter to tell you how to get the medical exam after we send your application to the visa office.

Police certificates
If you have a criminal record, you may not be allowed to enter Canada. People who pose a risk to Canada’s security also aren’t allowed to come to Canada.

To immigrate to Canada, you and any family members 18 years of age and older must provide police certificates to the visa office, if asked to do so. You must get a police certificate from each country or territory where you have lived for 6 or months in a row since the age of 18. We strongly recommend that you take steps to get your police certificates now to avoid future delays.

Decision on your application
We’ll make a decision on your application if you:

meet the eligibility criteria
have enough money to support yourself and your family when you arrive in Canada
pass the medical exam and police certificate
We’ll contact you if you need to send more documents or go to an interview.

If your application is approved, we’ll ask you to send your passport to the visa office so we can issue your permanent resident visa.

Confirmation of permanent residence
If we approve your application, we’ll issue you a permanent resident visa. This visa includes your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and your entry visa.

Your COPR will have information about who you are, as well as your photograph. Please check to make sure it’s correct. It should be the same as the information on your passport. If there’s a mistake on your COPR, contact us through your account.

You must have your COPR and your visa with you when you arrive in Canada. We won’t extend your COPR, so you should make sure to use it before it expires.
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